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German Colonial Period
A Bangwa account of early encounters with the German colonial administration
Elizabeth Dunstan

Journal of the Historical Society of Nigeria, Vol III, No. 2. 1965
The Bangwa and the Germans: A Tailpiece
E. M. Chilver

Journal of the Historical Society of Nigeria, Vol IV, No. 1. December 1967
Notes on Gustav Conrau and the German Occupation of 'Bangwa'
Vincent Lockhart

Additional information on the German colonial trader, Gustav Conrau, and the impact of the German presence in Bangwa territory.
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British Colonial Records
1922 Bangwa Tribal Area Assessment Report
Henry Cadman

This was the first written account of Bangwa society following a three month tour of the entire area by the British Colonial Officer, Henry Cadman.
1942 Intelligence Report on the Bangwa Clan
H. C. A. Bryant

This was a 20 year follow up to the first assessment report of 1922.